A day to be proud of Bridgwater

Bridgwater takes Pride

The 24th September 2023 marked a significant event for Bridgwater – it’s very first Pride March and event.  Meg Boucher, founder of the Solidarity and Compassion Van project, was at the event.

“Walking through town today feels like an sauntering through the pages of Alice in wonderland or at times, the set of the Barbie movie. There’s an abundance of smiles, laughter, colour and an encompassing sense of pride and inclusion. As an ally of the LGBTQI+ movement, I was keen to join the Pride march. I was greeted by the one of the organisers (Bridgwater Independent Market joined forces with Taunton Pride to help us to accommodate the event) who gleefully asked if I would like to hold part of the trailing rainbow which would form the centre of the march. 
It was at this moment I felt a little anxious; I considered what the reaction might be and how it would be received by the community. “


Meg Boucher with Cllr Richard Morgan

“As three triumphantly, gorgeous, sassy and proud Drag artists began to lead the march, I knew I should have had more faith in the wonderful people of Bridgwater. People lined the streets, cheering in support, celebrating diversity. As the flag made it’s way down the high Street and toward the town hall, my heart swelled with Pride as the clergy of St. Marys Church led the charge with an enormous flag declaring “all are welcome here”.  Demonstrating that Love really does conquer all. 

The march sets off pic terence peppin)


After the march, the town was filled with music and entertainment from LGBTQI+ artists, allies and drag performers.  The celebration of inclusion took down the high street as people sampled the wonderful food and drink on offer whilst cheekily spending the pink pound. 
There are so many reasons to celebrate Bridgwater and be proud, but today marked a new era of openness and inclusion. It showed the world what the community of Bridgwater really stand for : “Hold no hate, choose love”