Bridgwater Councillor jumps off Roof

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Hanging around

When you’re standing on top of  one of Taunton’s tallest buildings looking down at the terrified throngs of admiring supporters below and wondering whether it was actually such a good idea  that you’d decided to abseil  down the side in order to raise money for charity, it’s probably good to see a couple of Tory councillors go over the top first.

Cllr Leigh Redman , with his Fire Brigade training, looked on with quiet confidence as Ilminster Tory Linda Vijeh, dressed as a clown , and Huntspill Tory Mark Healey, dressed as a Huntspill Tory, tumbled over the parapet ahead of him, plummetting gracefully into the waiting arms and collection bucket  of Tory Chairman David Fothergill in the grounds of County hall below.

On the streets below, Leigh’s loved ones were busy comforting his wife and daughter as they waited nervously clutching insurance documents and then wondering why he’d suddenly decided to dress in a monkey suit for the deathplunge. But then it turned out that the pavement bound ape was none other than Independent councillor for Lydeard, Mike Rigby and that Leigh had actually decided to leave his own monkey costume at home.

Over the top
Over the top

Finally with no blood spilt on the  floor and no Tories descending through the surface as the earth opened up before them and just as the crowds were planning to give up and go for a coffee, over came Cllr Redman dressed as an erstwhile member of the SAS (reserve) with only his red and green daps  to identify  him for the forensic team. Not content to tread nervously down the sheer drop and refusing to  stumble comically like the others, the high wire member bounded like a spring chicken (well, a chicken on springs) down the side like a runaway spacehopper leaping from floor to floor  and with a death defying landing on the civic pergola of the chairman below

Somerset County Council had  teamed up with Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue to host one of the most exciting and thrilling charity challenges of the year in the West Country; all for the benefit of three really great charities!

All funds raised will be equally divided between Somerset Community Foundation (raising vital funds for flood affected Somerset communities), the National Autistic Society and Somerset Trust for Arts & Recreation – a local charity that provides those little extras for disadvantaged children and also raising vital funds for flood affected communities and SCC’s Chairman’s Charities.

You can still donate to Cllr Redman’s page