Sedgemoor Pantry Now in South Bridgwater

Lewis from the Sedgemoor Pantry bringing in today’s donations

The popular  Sedgemoor Pantry scheme has now expanded to South Bridgwater – the Hamp and Westover areas, and volunteers are reaching out to the wider community to get involved. Fairfax Labour Councillor Hilary Bruce says “It’s great to see that the Pantry scheme can now begin to expand its reach with the opening of the second hub in Hamp planned for the end of November. The Sydenham Pantry was established as a pilot hub and thanks to the support of the volunteers, SDC’s Community Team, ward councillors and of course the residents who have signed up as members, I am pleased to say that it has been very successful. The project offers so much potential, it’s not just about the food – although saving good food from the bin is always a top priority – the Pantry  offers an opportunity for people to learn how to cook and eat well for less, for the community to connect with each other by volunteering and/or donating, for students to get work experience and for people to learn new skills to help them get into employment and even learn how to grow their own food. Thankfully, the pandemic has not prevented this project from moving forward, as Covid-safe practices have been established and successfully implemented. A strong team of volunteers will drive this project forward at full speed, so I hope many will feel confident in applying for the roles that have now been advertised”

Community Champion Tracey Lowther

You can find these roles here.  But if you want more information let’s hear from a volunteer.  South Bridgwater resident and Community Champion Tracey Lowther adds “It’s been a pleasure to support the Sydenham Pantry through my role as Community Champion for Morrison’s Taking on this role was brand new to me and enabled me to return to work after isolating for 14 weeks. I returned to discover our towns Community was really active helping those that needed it and it was amazing! The Pantry has become close to my heart as I’ve seen what a difference it is making to families. As well as sourcing food for them each week I’ve helped a couple of times when they were short staffed. They are a lovely group of volunteers who make everyone feel welcome as they arrive to collect groceries and fresh fruit and veg etc I’m really excited to see the second one open this month in Hamp. The work they do is vital in our town as are all the initiatives that get food to vulnerable families during this difficult and unsure time. This work can go from strength to strength if we all do our part in making it successful by helping out with what we can.”


Bruce Leigh. (Councillors Hilary Bruce and Leigh Redman) gets involved

The local pantry is an initiative partnered with FareShare Southwest providing fresh & cupboard food to families at a fraction of the normal price. Fareshare works with large organisations to help bridge the gap between food producers, supermarkets and landfill to ensure good, fresh (but surplus) food is not wasted. This food gets delivered to us every week and all the food is within its ‘best before’ date. By choosing to become a member you’re saving perfectly good food from going to landfill while also saving money!

Sedgemoor District Council’s Community Services team has provided the funding for the essential core costs of the pantry and it is run by local volunteers to support the residents of Sedgemoor. “It’s perfectly good food that we’re stopping going to landfill”

Pantry  offers an opportunity for people to learn how to cook new recipes

Community Development Officer Liam Sweeney says “The food we receive varies greatly from week to week but we always get a great mixture and its great to see unusual items of fresh food that you might not normally cook – Heart Artichokes were a favourite! It’s been wonderful to see the food go out each week knowing that it would otherwise have ended up in landfill, and to know that it helps money stretch a bit further each week.”

Liam Sweeney- Community Development Officer


2-3 items of meat/ vegetarian

1-3 items of dairy products

1-2 items of fresh fruit or veg

2-3 items of store cupboard food

Opening hours & where to find us: Wednesday – 1:30– 4:30pm

Address: South Bridgwater Community Hub 2-3 Grenville House, Bridgwater, TA6 6JE