Sedgemoor come down hard on Dog Fouling in Town centre

The message this week from Sedgemoor District Council is “Keep an eye on your dog and pick up that poo” as more prosecutions hit the headlines. In a press release today Sedgemoor makes it clear that they’re taking the issue seriously.

“Dog fouling is one of top complaints made to Sedgemoor District Council. A Bridgwater resident was prosecuted at Taunton Magistrates Court on Friday, 2nd August for failing to ‘pick up’ after his dog on four occasions in Bridgwater Town Centre. The offences were captured on CCTV. The dog owner commented that he usually cleared up after his dog, but there was nothing he could do if he didn’t see the offence. The clear message from Sedgemoor District Council is to supervise your dog, especially when off the lead, and always clear up after it.The defendant was ordered to pay fines and costs of £230.”