Campaigners Win Reinstatement of Town Centre Christmas Tree

Bridgwater's Xmas tree is back!!
Bridgwater’s Xmas tree is back!!

Bridgwater Town Council’s finance committee today voted in funds to bring back the Cornhill Christmas tree after a proposal by Westover Councillor Brian Smedley was put on the agenda and debated.

Cllr Smedley said “We haven’t had a Christmas tree in the town centre for several years and the reason was basically that it was being vandalised by drunken idiots and then looking a mess or costing even more to repair. However, this christmas there was a campaign started by Westover  town centre resident Steve Coram, who simply posted on the Bridgwater Past and Present facebook page bemoaning the lack of a tree and suddenly hundred of people were clamouring for it’s return and specifically that we shouldn’t give in to the vandals. I undertook to bring this to the Town Council and today they supported me which means we’ll have a christmas tree  once more next December.”

Cllr Alex Glassford said “It’s sad there’s no Christmas tree outside as it’s a nice thing to see. Other towns manage it and I don’t think we should give in to vandals.”

Cllr Graham Granter added ““If we gave in to mindless vandals we’d never have anything in the town. I’d like to give it a go for a year.”

The news was received with delight on the facebook page .

Carole Smith said “So it should be put back. Even smaller towns have a Christmas Tree. Well done and look forward to seeing it put up this year.”

Westover resident Steve Coram "Another victory for people power"
Westover resident Steve Coram “Another victory for people power”

Alison Legg added “Yay!!  I can remember it well and a cheery sight it would be this coming Christmas – well done to all concerned.”

Steve Boyland echoed many peoples feelings by paying tribute to the creator of the popular nostalgia site saying “Great news!! At last the Council listening to popular opinion, Another brownie point for Louise and this Group as well!!”

Louise Sert herself commented “Fabulous news…one small step for a brighter Bridgwater!!!! I do hope its respected at Christmastime.”

Campaign instigator Steve Coram called it “Another victory for ‘people power'”

You can visit Louise Sert’s Bridgwater Past and Present site by clicking the link below