Bridgwater YMCA to benefit from County Ward funds for summer activity

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Cllr Leigh Redman presenting his cheque to Martin Hodgson of the YMCA

Bridgwater South County Councillor Leigh Redman has made a donation from his Somerset Health and Wellbeing Fund that will be used to provide five free places on summer activity weeks at Bridgwater YMCA. Cllr Redman put forward the YMCA in Bridgwater for the fund to promote health, wellbeing, activities and social interaction for children and young people in South Bridgwater.

Cllr Redman presented a cheque to Somerset Coast YMCA Chief Executive Martin Hodgson who runs the successful summer activity scheme in Bridgwater.

Cllr Redman said: “The plan is to assign a fixed amount to benefit as many young people in my Bridgwater South Division as possible. Part of the donation will be used to fully fund around 5 young people to have a full week’s activity programme and to support active living in line with the five ways to wellbeing to the many older young people that use or have need of the YMCA services.”

The land for the park was provided by Bridgwater YMCA
Bridgwater YMCA and it’s canalside location

Holiday activity programmes at the YMCA

Holiday activity programmes at Bridgwater YMCA are open to 8-16 year olds from 0800 – 1800 throughout the year.

For the past eight years, the YMCA in Bridgwater has delivered school holiday care through their Daycamp programme to over 4,000 children a year.

Bridgwater YMCA’s vast experience with, and commitment to, children and young people makes them among one of the best for adventure programmes in Somerset.

The fund is part of a County Council scheme to allow Local County councillors to help and support projects within their divisions.

The Health and Wellbeing Budget Scheme enables each County Councillor to put forward grant proposals in support of local voluntary/community groups and initiatives, aimed at empowering communities to take responsibility for their own health, whilst enabling communities to become more connected and resilient through improved social networking.

The fund is available to community and voluntary groups which supports activities and opportunities which enable local residents to be actively engaged. The scheme is now closed for this year Cllr Redman hopes a new scheme may be opened for 2014-15.

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