Town Council Call for Ukrainian Winter Aid

Town Council leader Brian Smedley has been on Points West pushing the Ukraine appeal

People will have seen on their news and in their papers images of the intensification of the war in Ukraine as winter approaches in that troubled part of the world and now Bridgwater Town Hall is opening its doors again for a new collection. Town Council Leader Cllr Brian Smedley (Westover) says “When the conflict started in February Bridgwater Town Council set aside the town hall for people to bring donations -which they generously did in large quantities, which we then paid for a lorry to be sent to the Polish border with the hard work and help of local community group ‘You are not alone’.  Now the Ukrainian community in Somerset is asking us for help again with the onset of winter. We have  cleared a room for the collection of the things they need most at the town hall and the intention is to get a vehicle right to the front line by Kharkiv  by the end of the month. We are asking people to bring donations to Town Hall reception Monday to Friday 9.30 to 4.30 and our staff will receive them, store them and then get them to the frontline in co-operation with the Ukrainian community. Since the news story broke on BBC Points West this week donations have flooded in and we are almost ready to send the shipment out in time for the Ukrainian winter”

Galyna Tryndyuk in Bridgwater

Galyna Tryndyuk is a Ukrainian  teacher who has lived in Bridgwater for the past 7 years. At the forefront of the Ukrainian Community in Somerset she is leading the current collection campaign and stresses the gravity of the situation on the ground in her homeland and asks for people to donate “only the things that are now really needed”.

The Ukrainian support group in Somerset can be followed on their website here.

Next Steps

Flying flags is not enough….

For Bridgwater Town Council & ‘You are not alone’ Spring aid project report click here.

In Ukraine the Russian invasion has been halted and the Ukrainian armed forces have been regaining ground but in return have been suffering a series of devastating missile strikes across the country in response. The destruction and loss of life across the country has been terrible. Some photos from the targeted cities have been sent to Ukrainians in Somerset and they have allowed us to show them here.

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