Westover Dog Bin Survey 2015

“Where’s the bin?” (cue ‘Ilkley Moor bah ‘tat joke)

Something people often ask their councillors about is ‘dog bins’. As a Nation of responsible animal lovers we  take our dogs out for a roam in our (remaining) green open spaces and then the local authority provides conveniently located bins for us to deposit the, well, ‘deposits’. Do we have enough in Westover ward? Do people know where the ones we already have are? If we need more where should they be?

Cllr Brian Smedley went out and did a survey.

Each dog bin costs Bridgwater Town Council £125 to install (courtesy of ‘Clean Surroundings’) and then an ‘on charge’ of £2.68 each time it’s emptied.

In the Westover ward there are 13 bins  located as follows.
a. Brewery Field (Blacklands)
b. Brewery field (Anson Way)
c. Canal (Docks end of Lyndale/Chatham)
d. Canal slip (Victoria end of Lyndale)
e. Canal footpath (Victoria bridge)
f. Halswell Close overlooking canal
g. Westfield Close (near flats)
h. Brownes Pond (canal towpath)
i. Elmwood Avenue (Hamp footpath end)
j. Old Taunton Road (Canal bridge)
k. Blake Gardens (St Saviours entrance)
l. Blake Gardens (Dampiet St entrance)
m. Blake Gardens (Binford Place entrance)

For a bin to be appropriately located it needs to be an easy collection point for Clean Surroundings and so should have vehicular access.

With that in mind here are some locations where they could be installed.

1. Riverside footpath (possibly by the Black bridge)
2. Docks (there are none at all along the dockside area)
3. West Street canal access
4. Albert Street canal access
5. Scrub land behind Morrisons/YMCA
6. Old Taunton Road (Green patch by Manley Gardens/La Ciotat House)
7. Blake Gardens (South entrance –where they have recently opened onto Broadway)
8. Taunton Road Canal view
9. Admirals Landing (by Anson Way entrance)

You can have your say (so we get an indication) of where you think one should be. Choose your top 3 options and we’ll have a guide to where we should put the next one and any subsequent ones we get and in what priority order.


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