scheme champs
Scheme Champions with Cllr Redman. Karen Llewellyn (West Quay) Liz Edwards (Friarn) Mark Postma (Dampiet) Tony Heyward (Castle st) Andy Slocombe (St Saviours). Not pictured-George Weston (Blacklands)

After a 2 year battle to establish Residents Parking Schemes in the Westover ward of Bridgwater a consultation undertaken by residents acting as ‘scheme champions’ has resulted in a 91% support for the establishment of RPZ’s in their streets.

6 scheme champions knocked on 249 doors in Castle st, West Quay, Fishermans Wharf,Bond st, Blacklands, Friarn st, St Saviours Avenue, Silver st, Green Dragon lane and Kings Square, discussing the pro’s and con’s of the parking scheme with them and as a result have the documented information necessary to justify the creation of a residents parking scheme in the streets where this is supported by more than 80%.

The schemes were called for after the introduction of Civil Parking Enforcement resulted in increased traffic displacement, excessive fines and also addresses the long term failure for developers to consider including parking in town centre build.

Cllr Brian Smedley said “This has been a hard struggle over 2 years and several streets have either dropped out or failed to get the required percentages, but it’s a credit to the hard work of the scheme champions that they’ve done exactly what County required of them and came up with the evidence. We always said from the off that these schemes would only be introduced where the overwhelming majority of residents wanted them and we have now clearly identified these streets.”

Cllr Smedley submitted the original scheme to SCC two years ago…..now we have light at the end of the tunnel.

The Next (and final….) Stage

The information collated was presented to SCC officers at a meeting today by Cllr Smedley and the Scheme Champions. County Cllr Leigh Redman was also present and undertook to support the bid as it went through the next stages.

Cllr Redman said “The next stage is for the County officers to use this information to prepare a business case and to cost the scheme. After that they will present it to the Portfolio Holder cllr Harvey Siggs for a decision. If it is supported then a TRO (Traffic order) will be put out which allows other people to comment on the scheme and any objections to be registered. If there are objections then it is referred to a TRO sub-committee for a decision and if not then a work order is made out and the scheme advertised to residents to purchase permits.”

Cllr Smedley added “There are only 2 such schemes that are going forward to county at the moment, ours here in Westover and a similar scheme in Wells. So I would hope that both of these schemes can be put through the system at the same time and a final, and much awaited result, sometime in the autumn,”


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  1. ksutton

    We have moved across the river since this battle for parking started (one of the main reasons for the move was being unable to park outside our own house!). I just wanted to say fabulous news – well done to all