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On This Day in History -11th September 2022 – Charles III is Proclaimed King

Of course, Charles Prince of Wales has been King since his mother Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday 8th September 2022, but it wasn’t until Sunday 11th September that the news reached Bridgwater. A proclamation was read out next to the Market House in Taunton at 1pm and then again at Bridgwater’s King Square […]

Flagging Up Bridgwater’s History

For the past 4 years Bridgwater Town Council has been producing an annual ‘Visitors Guide’ to promote the town as not just a tourism destination but also to celebrate to sense of pride that Bridgwater people have in their own community. Town Council Leader Cllr Brian Smedley (Westover) said “In 2018 and 2019 two standard […]

Bridgwater History Day 2021 will be Saturday 20th November

Bridgwater History Day is back! After a year off due to Covid (where it continued online) we’ll be back at the Bridgwater Arts Centre with a selection of stories from our towns fascinating history. The date will be Saturday 20th November and the event will run from 1030 to 4pm. As usual it’s totally free […]

The Bridgwater Stop Line

The Bridgwater Stop Line (at the time called the Taunton Stop Line) is a line of World War 2 defences built in the summer of 1940 stretching from the mouth of the River Parret to the Devon Coast on the English Channel. For Bridgwater History Day 2020, Bridgwater Town Council Leader Brian Smedley researched it’s […]

Bridgwater History Day 2020 will be Saturday 28th November

Bridgwater people are extremely proud of their history and for the past 4 years ‘Bridgwater History Day’ has been an important part of the towns heritage calendar playing to full houses at the Bridgwater Arts Centre. This year we’re not going to let a global pandemic stop the march of time and so we’re hosting […]