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Packed out Arts Centre for Bridgwater History Day

Bridgwater History Day, held at the Arts Centre on Saturday 12th November, and sponsored by Bridgwater Town Council left no-one in any doubt that we are rich in history, local historians and local people who are proud of their heritage and want to work to retain and maintain it. People Joyce Hurford, of Blake Museum […]

November 12th is Bridgwater History Day!

Bridgwater people have always been proud of their town’s history whether it’s the first town to petition against the slave trade or the last battle on English soil. With our ‘Bridgwater History Day’ we hope we can dig a little deeper into that history. Throughout the day the Art Centre will be home to a […]

On This Day In History: Monday July 6th 1685 -The Battle of Sedgemoor

Today there were red coated soldiers marching around Bridgwater firing guns, wielding pikes and talking rebellion. As it happens it was the Sealed Knot society here to recreate the last battle (so far) on English Soil. The Battle of Sedgemoor is a tale of rebellion, defeat and the bloody justice handed out by a tyrannical […]

On this Day in History: June 18th 1992 Bridgwater Twins with the Czechs

On June 18 1992 Bridgwater became the first British town to twin with a town in Czechoslovakia after their Velvet Revolution. At the Medieval Sydenham Manor, then in the heart of the British Cellophane works in the east of Bridgwater, ornately costumed Slavic folk dancers in  knee length leather boots, embroidered shirts and plume feathered […]

Breaker Morant – Hero or Villain?

Well, let’s face it. Villain. By his own admission he done it. What did he do? Shot several unarmed prisoners during the Boer War and his defence was he was only following orders and the rule he used was ‘rule 303’ named after the rifle of the same name. However, a century after these events […]