“Communities are doing a Great Job” Says CCS Exec

The Village Agents

CCS Village, Community and Carers Agents are working extremely closely with both the health services and social care to broker a range of support, phoning people to check on their welfare and connecting residents with local support groups.On the 23rd of March, the start of the lockdown, CCS launched a county-wide universal referral link which within four weeks received over 32,000 enquiries. As Village Agent Julie says: “The past four weeks have been absolutely MANIC!”

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Bridgwater Community Volunteers in Action

Bridgwater Volunteers out there helping their community

It’s the 37th day of lockdown and across Somerset the authorities are working flat out to identify people who need ‘Shielding’ along with  a broader list of the ‘vulnerable’ across the county. The Somerset Coronavirus Support Helpline 0300 790 6275 has now been operational for 3 weeks and during that time has received over 1600 calls.  Open 7 days a week from 8 – 6pm it has seen a massive increase in calls locally following  Bridgwater Town Council’s decision to send out a leaflet door to door.  Some very vulnerable people have now received help as result. Town Council Leader Brian Smedley (at the back of a 50 person queue at Asda) said ” We put out the leaflet because it was clear that not all vulnerable people were being identified by data held by Government and local councils, but this leaflet got right to the people who needed it most.” So if some people are falling through the gaps, might others be? Early on in the Pandemic ‘Community Support Groups’ were set up across the country by volunteers to make sure no one was left behind in their neighbourhoods. Westover web interviews some of the Bridgwater people involved.

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Westover Planning Matters April 2020

A Monument to commemorate International Workers Day is being planned for this ready made spot in Blake Gardens

Planning issues for April 2020 coming to both Sedgemoor District Council and Bridgwater Town Council. Matters come first to Town Council where the planning panel sits fortnightly to consider a Town position (Support, Oppose or add conditions) and then it goes to Sedgemoor District Council’s Development Control Committee for the final decision. Ward Councillors and Town Council can comment on each application and if their views are different to the recommendation of Sedgemoor’s Planning officers then that application must be heard at Committee for discussion and vote. All ward councillors are notified of these applications.

Residents are welcome to write to us at Westoverward@gmail.com to make their own points on these issues which we may be able to take up. Brian Smedley is a member of the Bridgwater Town Planning Panel and Kathy Pearce and Li Gibson  are members of the Sedgemoor Development Control Committee. Continue reading “Westover Planning Matters April 2020”

‘Bridgwater Together’ Hosts Live Digital Event This Saturday 18th April

ZOOM IN this saturday!

Bridgwater Together is an important annual event celebrating the Somerset town’s vibrant cultural diversity through music, food, story-telling, dance, film and information sharing. Every year it takes place in October but due to Covid-19 lockdown we decided to organise additional digital event in April. The Internet provides us with unique opportunities to continue our work despite the threat of the pandemic making it possible for us to showcase some of the rich cultural diversity in Somerset. On 18th April 2020 between 6pm and 8pm audiences will be able to log in online to enjoy presentations and performances from the representatives of minority communities living in Bridgwater.

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Who Lives in a Shelf Like This?

Who indeed lives in a shelf like this?

Seed, the Arts Council England funded Creative People and Places project for Sedgemoor has launched an online campaign to help people connect and share during the Covid-19 lockdown. Via social media they are inviting people who live or work in Sedgemoor to post a ‘shelfie’. Similar to a ‘selfie’, a ‘shelfie’ is a self-portrait of sorts, in the form of a photograph of a shelf or shelves in your home or workspace.

Scott O’Hara, Director of Seed explains “The items we own, store and display provide a wonderful window into our selves and our identities. We’d love to see and share these glimpses of Sedgemoor. This is the perfect diversionary and connecting activity for any anyone working from home, ill or self-isolating during the Covid-19 lockdown.” Continue reading “Who Lives in a Shelf Like This?”