‘New Northgate Development Must Be Responsive to Climate Emergency’ say Labour Councillors

Cllr Hilary Bruce urges environmental measures for Northgate

As new plans for the next steps at Northgate, Bridgwater for the development of a new cinema and leisure scheme on council-owned land Sedgemoor Labour councillors combined support for the much-needed facility along with raising concerns for environmental considerations. Sedgmoor District Council consider that the Northgate scheme will be an important addition to the town centre, creating vitality, vibrancy and a key leisure activities for the growing town. The scheme will comprise a 7-screen state of the art cinema operated by WTW-Scott Cinemas Ltd that will replace the existing Scott cinema nearby.   Alongside the cinema, four restaurants and bars will also be built and negotiations with potential operators are currently well advanced and tenants should be announced by the end of the year. Above the restaurants, a multi-use unit will be available, that has potential for a number of different uses. However, as the project unravelled Labour Councillors were quick to point out possible missed opportunities .

Cllr Hilary Bruce (Labour, Fairfax) asked “Would Sedgemoor be incorporating measures to address the climate emergency such as ground source heat pumps, grey water recycling,, waste water heat recovery, electric car charging points, solar panels, and water fountains. This project has the potential to be a flagship development and we must not miss this opportunity.” Continue reading “‘New Northgate Development Must Be Responsive to Climate Emergency’ say Labour Councillors”

Town Council Youth Grants Available

council leader
Town Council Leader Brian Smedley

Bridgwater Town Council has allocated a budget of £10,000 per year for ‘Youth Grants’ and is now calling on Groups within the town to apply for a share of this year’s allocation.

Cllr Brian Smedley, Town Council Leader, said “The aim of the Youth Grant is to highlight youth provision in the town of Bridgwater, to add value to existing providers and to encourage new and additional initiatives. The target age range is agreed at 11-18. The amount of grant per applicant will not normally exceed £500. If your application is for a higher amount this will be considered on its merits. Funding could be available for general running expenses, specific projects, staff, resources, equipment, programmes, residential. Grants will only be payable to organisations with a recognised bank account. Applicants must have in place appropriate Health and Safety and Child protection policies. Applications promoting religious or party-political beliefs will not be considered. Applications must be developed with the involvement of the young people who will benefit from the award.  Bids will be considered and evaluated by Bridgwater Youth Council who will make recommendations to the Town Clerk for decision. Applicants must spend the allocated money within the financial year and an end of funding evaluation report must be submitted within 4 weeks of the project end date.” Continue reading “Town Council Youth Grants Available”

Town Leaders call on District Council and Environment Agency to reverse ‘short sighted’ Decision on Tidal Barrier

The town is looking forward to a waterfront future..and not a watery demise….

As Bridgwater’s long promised Tidal Barrier edges its way towards reality, a major setback has been highlighted by the Inland Waterways Association who have criticised a decision by the Project Board who have refused to reserve land within the bypass channel to enable the future construction of a lock and approach channels for navigation. Bridgwater Town Council has now joined the IWA in calling for this decision to be reversed .

Town Councils portfolio holder for ‘Economy’ Cllr Mick Lerry (Victoria) said  “Bridgwater Town Council, along with IWA, believed that there were no further concerns relating to this request and that the reservation of the land was fully achievable. It is very disappointing to hear that the Project Board has decided not to reserve the land needed for the future construction of a lock and approach channels as part of the Scheme.   This decision will have a negative impact on our local area and goes against all our plans for future-proofing the region.  Continue reading “Town Leaders call on District Council and Environment Agency to reverse ‘short sighted’ Decision on Tidal Barrier”

We Seeded the Day and We Sowed Some Seeds

seed the day
Seed the Day gets under way in Castle street

This weekend saw the launch of the first Seed the Day Festival, the latest endeavour by Bridgwater Town Council to get their message across to the people through the means of a series of parties. Organiser Cllr Li Gibson had said in advance “Not only will the event bring a vibrant and dynamic street fair and indoor market to the town it will also explore issues around climate change and investigating greener living, sustainability and diversity.” So, the festival went ahead, the sun shone and the people turned up. But did it achieve what it set out to?

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2019 Somerset Socialist History Conference in Bridgwater 14th September

Dave Chapple Secretary of Bridgwater Trades Union Council and event organiser.

The 2019 Somerset Socialist History Conference is taking place in Bridgwater on Saturday September 14th. Hosted by Bridgwater Trades Union Council, the event is seeking to attract a wide variety of local, regional and national enthusiasts who have a left-wing view of our past, present and future. Sessions will be held on Bridgwater Women shirt makers on strike in 1912; the Amritsar Massacre of 1919, an event which for many historians began the beginning of the end of the British Empire; Riot and rebellion in Somerset Guy Fawkes and Carnival celebrations; Coal mining and communism in the Rhondda Valley; “Britain’s Brown Babies”-the story of Somerset children born to fathers who were WW2 black USA soldiers; and finally a film with commentary on the Portuguese uprising of 1974-“The Carnation Revolution”-when the Portuguese people overthrew the last of their fascist dictators.

Dave Chapple, Bridgwater TUC Secretary and Conference Organiser, said: “There are many different ways to study, write and learn from history. One that retains special interest for trades unionists and socialists is a history that focuses on the endless but occasionally successful struggles of workers and the poor, to redress sufferings and injustices. Of course such injustices continue today, but to hear how our predecessors found new ways to lift up their heads and proclaim their rights cannot fail to inspire us.”

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