Residents Parking : Making sure it works for everyone

Friarn Street
The Zones are demarked

After years of campaigning on behalf of the 80% of people in the streets affected who wanted residents parking in Westover we are almost there -but we need to make sure we get it right so that it works for everyone. Today letters to residents have arrived from Somerset County Council which is in effect giving the long awaited green light.

The letter from the man in charge-Jeff Bunting – tells people the following.
1. The line painting and signage will be completed by the end of March

2. Enforcement will only begin on Monday 18th April

3. Between 1st and 18th April Parking Attendants will only issue warnings.

4. Permits can be obtained from 21st March either online (here) or by email or by phoning 03339998889.

5. The prices for the permits will be as follows;- 1st vehicle permit £60, 2nd vehicle permit £100 Visitor permit £60, scratch cards 30p each (max 100 pa)

Making sure we get it right

The extent of the Westover parking zones
The extent of the Westover parking zones

Westover ward councillor Brian Smedley says “Residents Parking was called for by residents in many streets around Westover and has come about partly because of the increased populating of  streets close to the town centre with residents who are car owners having to compete with incoming shoppers and workers. Getting the balance is crucial. We’ve made the case where it’s needed and we’ve identified the streets.  The scheme now needs a time to settle in and we are aware some changes may be needed – but we have to build up evidence first in order to change the TRO. For instance we have already received suggestions that more space should be ‘shared use’ ie residents can park with their permit but existing conditions apply for short term parking.”

“The locations for the markings are also an issue. Whereas Friarn street, Dampiet street and St Saviours are proving universally popular, there is some concern that too much of Kings Square and West Quay are being taken up. We need the evidence to build up over the next few months and then we can seek amendment if this is demonstrably the case. We are also getting requests for other areas to be considered and we are telling people that in order to be part of the scheme you need to agree a scheme champion and then ascertain that your street will get 80% support. At that stage ward councillors will support you in moving the scheme onto County’s radar.”

Cllr Moira Brown -Chair of Town Transport Forum
Cllr Moira Brown -Chair of Town Transport Forum

Town Transport Forum to look at Residents Parking

On Monday 21st March at 4.30 the Town Council’s ‘Transport Forum’ under the chairmanship of Eastover councillor Moira Brown will be meeting at the Town Hall to look at a range of transport matters including the Railway station, the state of the busses, cyclepaths and so on, but first item on the agenda will be Residents parking.

Moira says “If you would like to join us please feel welcome. It is best if you are delegated from a community group so you can report back to them, but visitors and observers are also able to attend.”