Sedgemoor Crackdown on Westover’s ‘noisy neighbours’ continues

noisy neighbours
“Unfortunately, despite further warnings the tenant continued to play music to excessive levels”

Over twenty items of separate equipment such as an electric guitar, an amplifier, numerous speakers, a sub-woofer system and TV’s have been seized from a flat in Old Taunton Road Bridgwater, by Sedgemoor District Council’s Environmental Health Team. Over the last five months there have been regular complaints about extremely loud levels of music coming from the flat. Environmental Health Officers described the levels of noise as being some of the loudest and most distressing to neighbours that they have ever heard.

A Sedgemoor spokesperson said, “The occupant was warned on several occasions by Homes In Sedgemoor, who own the property, to keep noise to a reasonable level. All warnings were completely ignored causing great disturbance to others living in the building. An Abatement Notice was served on the person responsible and again this was ignored on a regular basis. After obtaining a warrant, the property was entered with the assistance of Avon and Somerset Police and all equipment capable of producing noise was seized.”

There will now be a prosecution for breach of a noise abatement notice and the Council will seek a confiscation order to dispose of the seized equipment.

The SDC statement continued, “This operation demonstrates Sedgemoor District Council’s willingness, where appropriate, to use its full range of enforcement powers to tackle this sort anti-social and nuisance behaviour which can seriously affect the quality of people’s lives. Sedgemoor have been trying to resolve the dispute for several months.  Homes In Sedgemoor have liaised with the tenant and reminded them of the need to be considerate to neighbours. Several informal warning letters were issued.  Noise recordings were made and Environmental Health Officers were satisfied that there was a Statutory Nuisance occurring and served an Abatement Notice. Essentially the Notice requires the person responsible to keep noise to a reasonable level and duration and to avoid anti-social times of the evening and night. The noise nuisance was recorded on noise monitoring equipment.  Unfortunately, despite further warnings the tenant continued to play music to excessive levels, which were again recorded. The Council had no option other than to apply for a warrant that allowed Sedgemoor District Council to seize the equipment for breach of the Noise Abatement Notice.”