‘Together Sessions’ will provide backdrop for new Sunday Markets

Starting this month Bridgwater will be the latest Somerset town to host a Sunday Independent market. Running from  Quayside via Fore Street, up the High street and round to King  Square the town centre will come alive each last Sunday of every month. And astride the route will be the Georgian heritage area of Castle Street, where you can find the historic Bridgwater Arts Centre-the first of it’s kind in the country. An ideal place to drop into, grab a drink, pick up some food and listen to some live music. To coincide with the Market, ‘Bridgwater Together’ will be hosting the ‘Together Sessions’ from 12 noon until 3pm featuring live music in the bar. The first event on Sunday 27th March will feature musicians from Bridgwater to Poland to Jamaica including The Hullabalosers, Red Smed, Meg Boucher, Mariusz, Elaine di Campo and Claude ‘The Enchanter’. The sessions are free and you can drop in and out during the day.

David Mears, town clerk for Bridgwater Town Council, added: “Bridgwater is a historic market town with many independent shops and various events throughout the year. I am thrilled to see another event come to Bridgwater, which will create more awareness of Bridgwater’s cultural and historic charms and boost footfall for town centre businesses.”

Cllr Mick Lerry (Bridgwater Victoria), chair of the town team and portfolio holder for town centre economy, said “This is a ‘great initiative’ to help the ‘repair and recovery’ of Bridgwater businesses after the pandemic. The market will provide residents and wider community with another reason to visit the town centre, The weekend market is about creating a retail offer that local businesses and hospitality service can be part of. “

‘bang to rights’

Cllr Brian Smedley (Bridgwater Westover) Leader of Bridgwater Town Council, said “Bridgwater is a festival town, a party town and a town full of culture, heritage and creativity. The last Sunday of every month will bring all of these together. Never mind Covid, never mind Brexit and never mind the impending nuclear armageddon. Let’s have a party.”

Councillor Smedley has since been locked up ‘for his own good’.