Gala Concert for Ukraine

Ukraine Gala at the Art Centre on Friday 2nd December

On Friday 2nd December there will be a gala concert to raise funds for Ukraine relief at the Bridgwater Arts Centre. The show will cost £10 and there will be Ukrainian food, music , dance and film. The aim is to inform people about the situation in the Ukraine , to understand the culture and history of the people and to raise awareness and crucially funds. The event will start at 8pm but doors will open from 7pm. Tickets are on sale now from the venue and on line.

Raising Awareness

Town Council leader Brian Smedleyon Points West pushing the Ukraine appeal

Bridgwater Town Council Leader Brian Smedley, who is organising the concert along with Galyna Tryndyuk, from the Bridgwater Ukrainian Community, says “Bridgwater people have been tremendous in stepping up to the mark and bringing donations of warm winter clothing, medicines, sleeping bags and so on to our recent drop point at the Town Hall and now the relief lorry has reached the front line at Kharkiv before the harsh winter has set in. We have temporarily halted collections until the next time we are asked to step up, and now we are focusing on financial and moral support. The Town Council funded the relief lorry along with a major donation from the fundraising activities of St Mary’s church and a contribution from Bridgwater Together, mainly the food projects of Lesley Gates. We hope people will come to this Christmas event to show solidarity with the Ukrainians, to sample their culture and to enjoy some extremely talented performers. Flying flags is not enough. “

The History of One Nation

Galyna Tryndyuk, organising Ukrainians in Bridgwater

Galyna Tryndyuk has been at the forefront of the Ukrainian aid campaign in Bridgwater and has a few words about the Gala event “Welcome to the theatrical concert “Gala for Ukraine – The History of One Nation”. Here you will immerse yourself in the enchanting world of music, theatre, delicious traditional cuisine, family atmosphere. We will open the curtain of our many years of history and share with you what our parents and ancestors passed on to us – history, traditions, wishes… the desire for a happy life, for the implementation of which millions of Ukrainians are now fighting, each on their own front. Freedom lives in our hearts, flows in our veins and it has been like that for many years. Through the voices of our singers, melodies of our hearts we will lead you to a better understanding of WHO WE ARE and WHY DO WE FIGHT SO HARD FOR OUR NATION.”

Friday 2nd December

The show will start at 8pm on Friday 2nd December with the Art Centre bar open from 7pm. Tickets are on sale at the art centre or online here.