Now then, who can we blame this week?

Did you actually read the article?” “No as soon as I seen his face it sent me in a depressed state of mind.” That was my favourite comment in a week of abuse on social media. There’s a modern style of journalism where you get people to write something. Could be an opinion piece, could be a piece of creative writing. God forbid you try to be imaginative and mix the two because you can guarantee that 90% of those reading won’t have got what you’re saying or will read into it what they like anyway. And the selling point will be posting it on social media so that the pack can tear it (and you) to pieces. Not too unlike the Roman amphitheatres really. Or a public hanging. That’ll learn ‘em and make us feel good at the same time.

Mayor and Mayoress open a new shop in the town centre

I write a lot about Bridgwater history. Always positive. Always inspiring people with what a great town we have and always showing examples. Bridgwater History Days are packed out. So, people are proud of Bridgwater. We know this.

Bridgwater was the first town to petition against the Slave trade. 1785. Very proud of that. They did so because 100 years before that they put their head above the parapet and rose up against a dictatorial king and were mercilessly persecuted because of it.

I never mention the time in the 1790s when Europe was in the throes of revolution that here in Bridgwater they burnt copies of ‘The Rights of Man’ by Thomas Paine on a big bonfire on the Cornhill.

There’s good and bad in everyone. And everywhere.

And ignorance.

Town Centre full of life, commerce and creativity

I’m going to continue talking up Bridgwater and working towards a goal where things are better for everyone. I’d ask anyone who wants to join me to do that. I don’t mind what party or none. Things will change in Bridgwater starting next week as Bridgwater Town Council starts to take back control now that Sedgemoor has gone, and Somerset is in a financial mess. Bridgwater Town Council isn’t.

Tomorrow’s the future. We can make it a good one. Together.

You can join us in that. In fact, I’d welcome it.

There’s an alternative. And that’s sifting through the despondency and negativity of social media for who to blame. And then taking out your anger on them. If you can find the correct people to blame of course. But in the real world we’ve only got ourselves to blame for not getting stuck in and sorting it out. Together.

For anyone interested in reading what action is being taken regarding town centre ASB click here.

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