Exactly ‘Who’ are the ‘Faithfuls’??

This week the nation has been obsessed with the TV game show Traitors. Now imagine if our politicians were chosen like that.

It’s a dark cut-throat psychological ‘game’ where contestants have to lie through their teeth and then people have to guess if they were telling the truth or not.

And so is the TV game show Traitors.

“Tea’s ready our Malcolm!”

How the Nation gasped in surprise as the posh one told us austerity would be the answer and then Local Government and the NHS crumbled before our eyes.

How the peoples’ jaws dropped when the affable blond bimbo one who people assumed was a liar all the time, turned out to actually be a liar.

How confused were the viewers when the serious yet slightly boring one was adamant that ‘Brexit meant Brexit’ then it turned out that it didn’t. Although it is now costing the UK economy £100 billion a year.

Who knew what was in the mind of the slightly barking one who had almost spent the entire shows budget on her brief reign of terror when very likely it turned out to be the producers who arranged her speedy exit.

And how shocked the country was when the (latest) posh (er) one suddenly couldn’t work out which of his close friends who he’d trusted all along were faithful’s and which were traitors. The look on his face when the final twist turned out to be the one involving the knife in his own back.


Well, not for the nation anyway.

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